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The bane of computer illiteracy

May 23, 2007

If I were more adept at bending computers to my will, then I would be able to fix the bugs in Cricket Slime, code the racing car game and determine whether or not the concept of port forwarding would be useful in enabling me to successfully run \muTorrent.


Ergonomification of the Ctrl key

May 16, 2007

I looked at some stats for this site and it said that people actually saw this. I do not yet believe that. But if that is the case, then perhaps I can get some sensible response to the following:

I don’t like the ergonomic features of the Ctrl Key. Especially on my laptop, since there is only one Ctrl option and it is on the left hand side of the keyboard, making the Ctrl+Tab key combination awkward, and potentially RSI-inducing. So what options exist to overcome this problem, for example, better keyboard technique, redefining keys and/or keystroke combinations, or other keyboard layout options?

There should be an online encyclopaedia of cohomology rings

May 11, 2007

There is the well-known and useful Online Encyclopaedia of Integer Sequences. I’ve never actually used it, but the ATLAS of Finite Groups is presumably also useful. What would be nice is for there to exist also an accessable online reference for cohomology rings, or in general other algebraic invariants of topological spaces (cohomology was merely the one I was thinking of at the time of deciding to write this).

One day I’ll actually clean up the layout of this site, but that will be more likely if I actually get encouraged by knowing that people visit. In the meantime, I’ve added a mathematics page to my regular (though it should really be to my maths) homepage. In particular, there is a file with questions that I don’t know the answers to, and would like to know the answers to.