The bane of computer illiteracy

If I were more adept at bending computers to my will, then I would be able to fix the bugs in Cricket Slime, code the racing car game and determine whether or not the concept of port forwarding would be useful in enabling me to successfully run \muTorrent.


3 Responses to “The bane of computer illiteracy”

  1. joee Says:

    You know, when it says “Insert title here”, you’re meant to replace it with a title of your choosing.

    I might try and fix the cricket slime code these holidays

  2. bartogian Says:

    I did insert a title of my choosing.

    I only just realised that this comment appeared now, and that I had to approve it, and am not sure why.

    If you’re fixing the cricket slime code, I can provide a list of bugs.

  3. joee Says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s there so you don’t gets lots of spam in your comments.

    A list of bugs would be good. Might as well do something useful with my holiday.


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