Website Review: bugmenot

The website bugmenot provides one with useful passwords when annoying sites (mainly media service providers) force you to waste time registering simply in order to view an article. There are a couple of complaints that I have with the site though, which deal with the issue that some websites are deliberately excluded from the database. The two that I can think of that I recently wanted to use are amazon (they require you to register to use the look inside feature) and facebook (no money changing hands, so why should sites be behind a firewall). So a newer better bugmenot without such silly exclusions would be ideal, but in the meantime, we’ll have to stick with what we’ve got.

2 Responses to “Website Review: bugmenot”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    Hi Peter! Sorry this post has absolutely no relevance to your entry, but I just wanted to say hi because I just discovered your blog!!! (It was because you replied to my comment on Sally’s blog…actually it took me awhile to figure out that mr grumpy = you.) So here’s a comment to make you feel loved (since you were also complaining that you don’t get as many comments as Sally does – I think it’s because your posts are too confusing to read, and because you’re too smart so everyone feels intimidated…but I’m not intimidated, muahahahaha!!!)…oh and by the way I agree with you that blogspot does work a little better, but I chose msn spaces cos a star appears next to my name then more people visit my blog then more people comment and then I feel more loved. P.S. I hope that you are having fun at MIT!!!

  2. bartogian Says:

    I don’t really know the quality of the language used in my posts, I guess it’s been a while since I’ve really had to write loquacious essays like back in school. Also, they are just my random thoughts. Another contributing factor to why there are few comments is of course that this blog doesn’t really get read (I know – I can see the statistics).

    Nice to year from you.

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