Extra time sucks

The game should be replayed the following week. Simple as that.

3 Responses to “Extra time sucks”

  1. joee Says:

    I think the problem is that the prelim finals need to be played the next week.

    More importantly, Juddy’s leaving! 😦

  2. largestprime Says:

    I think the whole “game played the following week” thing is silly… although I would have liked to see that happen for the soccer world cup

    If AFL was a little less serious, it would be ok, but in this current age, where it is taken very seriously and physical conditioning is such a big part of the game, it isn’t fair to players and coaches to mess up the finals schedule like that. For example, if you were to move the Olympics one week later on very short notice, it would screw everyone’s training program up and nobody would be peaked at the right time. All you would be doing is favouring those people who don’t prepare properly for the competition.

    Of course… the pressure from the TV is a big factor here as well, they would also have to change their schedules. I’m not a big fan of sport-as-entertainment, but the TV audience is the main reason that the AFL gets so much money (and how teams like West Coast can afford players like Judd).

  3. bartogian Says:

    It would be nice to go back to the old rule where a drawn final is played the following week. For various reasons, some legitimate and others more blatantly commercial, this is not actually going to happen. Still, that does not mean that the game should go into extra time.

    The use of extra time, or a similarly random method to decide a winner (such as a penalty shootout, or a bowl-off) is a blight on any sport and should be avoided at all costs. My preferred method to decide which team advances in situations such as these where it is impractical to schedule a replay, is that the higher ranked team going into the match goes through to the next stage, as brilliantly exampled by the semi-final in the 1999 World Cup.

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