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Ben Cousins

November 24, 2007

The game was not brought into disrepute. An absolute fucking disgrace.

Same goes for the ridiculous punishments handed out to Luke Pomersbach and Shaun Marsh .


November 18, 2007

Today, the sun rose at 6:37am and set at 4:20pm. If daylight savings was never turned off, these times would become 7:37am and 5:20pm respectively. Let us now consider which is preferable. I know for certain that I am not up so early to see the sun rise, and the same is the case for a great deal of others. To give us the maximal possible use of our rather few daylight hours, the sensible solution is obviously to stay at GMT-4 for the entire year.

My data was retrieved from Weather Underground, a site which unfortunately requires modification from its virgin state to enjoy. Imperial measures must first be excluded, and then the ads are best dealt with using some combination of Adblock and Flashblock, (Question for the experts: What is the difference between Adblock and AdblockPlus?)


Senate Voting II: The Balance of Power

November 9, 2007

This is obviously the second post I had planned in the sequence of two about upper house voting in the upcoming election. Since the first of these posts was circumlocutional and hard to read, I’ll get to the point straight away.

It is imperative that one votes for minor parties and independents over major parties in the senate.

The reason for this has been laid out for all to see in the last couple of years when the coalition has held a majority in both houses of parliament. A balance of power in the senate provides a sanity check to save our country against the worst excesses of the government. Prior to 2004 we were saved from the worst ideological excesses of the Howard government by there always being a balance of power in the Senate. Examples immediately spring to mind – Workchoices, VSU, changes to the enrollment to vote process, “anti-terror” police state legislation. The only way to stop this from continuing and have a sane government is to not let either major party have the balance of power in the Senate, and thus one must vote for the minor parties and independents.

Of course, I refer to the sensible minor parties such as the Greens and Democrats and not the wacko religious nutcases that run. And this time around, it is better to preference Labor over Liberal in the senate since the coalition have a greater number of senators continuing from the 2004 electoral disaster.