Megaminx II

To continue the story from last time, I followed this piece of advice and bought a new megaminx from Mefferts Puzzles. I can already say that this is a superior product, it turns much cleaner than my previous model, and I have managed to scramble and solve this model without having it fall apart on me.

In an ideal world, we would now say that they all lived happily ever after but this is a grumblog, so I’ll also record my negative experiences. Firstly, the mefferts site and online shop is not the most pleasant to deal with, but I did at least end up with the product I wanted. And secondly, during the first solve (which takes more time than is difficult, in terms of difficulty the megaminx is similar to the rubik’s cube), two of the coloured tiles came off. Still I believe that this is a solvable problem with a bit of glue.

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