2020 Republic

Looking at the outcome of the 2020 summit held in Canberra, it is disappointing that the most touted “recommendation” appears to be that we should become a republic. Never mind the plethora of actual important issues that the country needs to address. What we really need are things like a real commitment to sustainable water management, higher education, safeguarding our public health system and keeping public infrastructure under public owndership.

The sorts of people who push for a republic are either incredibly stupid (and unfortunately stupidity is not rare) or trying to make a name for themselves. There are at least three obviously good reasons that spring to mind to not change to a republic.

1. It puts the Queens Birthday public holiday at risk. (A no brainer)

2. Those lovely British taxpayers are currently subsidising our head of state. I think that with a president, we’d have to pay out of our own pocket.

3. It is an immense waste of resources to go and change from governor-general to president, with no gain (and to anyone who advocates following the US and getting a directly elected president, well you really are stupid).

There are so many more important issues out there that people could be devoting their time towards. Lets keep our Queen, she’s serving us fine (if it ain’t broke…), and move onto issues of substance.

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