8-ball tactics

Dear pool players who are better than me,

You are playing a game of 8-ball, are trying to run out the solids, and things have gone a little awry (table 1) or significantly awry (table 2). You are down to one solid ball remaining in each case. Discuss what you think the best course of action would be.

On each table, the stripy balls not indicated can be assumed to be in reasonably generic places, without any clusters. On the first table, the 8-ball does not go into any of the lower corner pockets.

table 1

table 1

table 2

table 2

2 Responses to “8-ball tactics”

  1. Joanna Says:

    1. What I would do is (try to) get the red ball in, and then snooker the other player. If I were more skilful, hit the red ball with some backspin and hopefully get in a position to shoot the black ball into the left middle pocket.

    2. In the second I would bounce off the bottom of the table and try and snooker the other person. Not really much of a shot to play in that position.

    Aside: I thought “stripy” had an ‘e’ – “stripey”. But your spelling is correct.

  2. bartogian Says:

    @Joanna, For 1, you are good enough to be able to win the game at this visit to the table. The question is how best to manouver the cue ball to land on the black – there are no reasonable snooker options on the black ball.

    2 is a very ugly position to be in. I can’t think of anything except coming off the bottom cushion and into the red at a slow pace. The difficulty is compounded by having to hit the red before the side cushion, to avoid a table scratch. Even with this shot, the opponent will likely have the striped ball in the lower right corner of the table to hit, and snooker me in return sending the cue uptable.

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