Chat in Section 140 on ESPN and die

Dear ESPN,

Fuck you.

You used to know how to run a streaming site for replaying sports events. This concept of watching the replay I have found to be useful because (a) there is rarely smooth streaming for an entire quarter, and (b) the footy is on too early in the morning in this stupid timezone I’m in.

But now, if I go to the site and want to watch a replay of today’s hit and giggle, I get the following (click to enlarge)

Looking on the right of screen, there is “CHAT IN SECTION 140”, where you allow random internet turds to post things like the outcome of the game! This violates the first, and only rule, of showing a replay. I don’t want to know the score. So…

Fuck you.

Fuck you again.

I hope that whoever designed this bug gets shipped off to Guantanemo. Hurry the fuck up and fix it.


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