Re: complaint about no actual photo of me

I have uncovered a profound realisation. The point of publically posting things on the internet is so that you come to appear as an arrogant show off to all your friends. With this change in attitude, friends suddenly become ex-friends, enabling some serious cutbacks of ones social life to occur. The upshot is of course that without a social life to distract you, this frees up more time for proving theorems.

The first picture below is not a very flattering portrayal, but for reasons of inclusion, see the title and above paragraph.

Me at Hakuba

Now we see some of the local wildlife. Is anyone able to provide a positive identification of the creature in the picture below?

Kono wa nani desu ka?

We conclude with a potential souvenir that, at 735,000 yen, the author found outside his price range.

A bargain at twice the price?

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