On Kitchens and Their Stoves

We will see two pictures of stoves. Let us compare and contrast them.

In the first picture, everything exists as it should. We see the hot plates (or gas equivalent), grill and oven all appear as independent parts, a chef’s dream.

Unfortunately some modern versions have the tendancy to include the grill and the oven in the same compartment, removing the rather useful option of simultaneous grilling and baking. However even that is a rather minor sin compared to what we see in the next picture.

Absolute horror! No grill whatsoever! I have the grave misfortune in living in a place with such a lacking kitchen setup (and have suffered through such a lack of basic necessities for quite a while now). For most meats, pan frying is such a poor substitute, and without the grill there are some foods that can’t be cooked at all. If I have to walk past meat on a stick in the supermarket again and not be able to buy it because of a sub-par kitchen, I’ll go crazy.

If anyone out there in cyberland knows of a place I can live where I can start grilling food again, please let me know (reasonable rental rates will be paid). Unfortunately I have some job-related geographic restrictions, so suggesting that I move to a beaut terrace house in Carlton just won’t cut the mustard (unless you can also land me a job at Melbourne University (and kick BHP out of the MUMS room)).

One Response to “On Kitchens and Their Stoves”

  1. James Says:

    Why can’t you grill meat in the oven? I’ve made skewers and ovened them before, and they tasted fine. Also, it’s possible to purchase a pretty good electric grill for around $50.

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