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Megaminx III

January 17, 2013

I’ve already had two previous adventures with owning a megaminx. The first one I owned fell apart before I even got a chance to solve it, and I can’t see how to fix it (you’re welcome to try, I still have all the pieces). The second megaminx I owned was structurally sound, but has problems that I feel are best described by saying that the stickers keep falling off. The little coloured bits in this case aren’t actually stickers but they do keep falling off, and I haven’t managed to keep them all.

Recently I had the fortune to visit Causeway Bay, where I was kindly shown the physical incarnation of this shop. Alas, the bricks and mortar version is scheduled to close this month, so I was just in time (and you’d better hurry!). So there they sell a different make of megaminx. I forget if there was also a 6 colour version but my memory says yes. Though I didn’t acquire my own, my impression is that this is a more durable product than the two megaminxes I already own.

So why no purchace? Well, I’ve solved it already, and the megaminx is easy. Somehow having so many faces means that the moves you make don’t interfere with each other very much, making it no harder than the standard 3x3x3 cube.

What I did get instead is this “Super 3x3x7:01” which I’ve scrambled and unscrambled, but still not solved (like the square one, it is not a group).

Gotta get back on that task now…