Walking between Sydney International and Wolli Creek station

First the why:

One way Central-International train ticket: 16.40AUD.

One way Central-Wolli Creek train ticket: 3.80AUD.

[Warning: Never buy a ticket to the City. It prices out to the most expensive option of all city train stations. Always buy a ticket to the specific train station you want to get off on]

The reason for the difference in the train fares is the existence of a station access fee at Sydney airport locations. Or more bluntly, they’re price gouging becasue they think they can get away with it. There is currently an inquiry into this practise by the NSW parliament.

It is very possible and easy to walk from Wolli Creek train station to the international terminal at Sydney airport in less than half an hour.

First the map:


Fortunately there are no fences at Sydney airport waiting to trap you along this route. This makes getting in and out of Sydney airport easy.

The main thing about this route to remember is the loop. Walking to the airport, after travelling along the north side of the bridge, one loops down below at the first opportunity to continue to the airport.

The only possibly tricky part is to orient yourself when leaving Wolli Creek station. Exit the station from the exit closer to the lower platform and you will arrive at the starting point on the map above. Turn right out of the station to begin your walk.

The entire route is on a paved surface (partly on a joint pedestrian/bike path). I’ve only ever done it with a backpack, but it should be easy enough with luggage on wheels as well.

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