Review: WeatherWoman (Movie)

Those of us above a certain age in Australia will remember a time when SBS did not have advertisments. These days, you even see English language movies on the national multicultural broadcaster, presumably as a result of increased commercial pressures. In ye olden times, however:

Movies were not in English. Often European, sometimes Asian (but never from Bollywood).

Ratings often contained the advisories: (s,n,a) (sex, nudity, adult themes). In practice: you see breasts.

The movies could be anywhere on the spectrum from arthouse classic to plain weird.

Where does WeatherWoman fit in this spectrum?

It is in Japanese.

You see breasts.

And it is squarely located in the weird end of the spectrum.

So what’s it about, you ask? Let me try to describe it without giving away too many spoilers.

There is a woman, who is presenting the weather on TV. While performing this job, she flashes her panties, live on TV.

Understood it so far? Well, that is the plot. And yes, it is somehow perfectly possible to make a feature length film with this plotline. OK sure, there are a few other scenes, such as the scene where you see breasts that I alluded to before, as well as an epic battle between the two alpha females at the end. But it’s the panties that drive the storyline.

It’s something that will go down in the annals of Japanese weather history.

I didn’t make up that last sentence by the way. This is a direct quote from the film.

One and a half stars. Because it will go down in the annals of Japanese weather history.


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