Today, the sun rose at 6:37am and set at 4:20pm. If daylight savings was never turned off, these times would become 7:37am and 5:20pm respectively. Let us now consider which is preferable. I know for certain that I am not up so early to see the sun rise, and the same is the case for a great deal of others. To give us the maximal possible use of our rather few daylight hours, the sensible solution is obviously to stay at GMT-4 for the entire year.

My data was retrieved from Weather Underground, a site which unfortunately requires modification from its virgin state to enjoy. Imperial measures must first be excluded, and then the ads are best dealt with using some combination of Adblock and Flashblock, (Question for the experts: What is the difference between Adblock and AdblockPlus?)


One Response to “Timezones”

  1. joee Says:

    Adblock Plus is the updated version of Adblock.

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